Cleaning Up Your PC

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cleanPCA slow computer is really the bane of most people’s existence.  There is something very annoying about waiting for a computer to finish loading something, whether it be booting up in the first place or opening a program.   Generally computers will slow down over time, and this tends to just be a fact of computing life.  However, you can mitigate this problem by keeping your computer in tip top condition.  There are a few things that you can easily do to clean up a computer and also prevent it from getting slow in the first place.  Simply educating yourself about these methods is a great way to improve your computing life.

Get Rid Of Malicious Software

First of all, if your computer has suddenly become much slower, then you might be dealing with a virus, malware, or spyware program.  This is something that gets loaded onto your computer generally without your knowledge.  It either sneaks on through an infected website or piggybacks with legitimate software.  Whatever the source, it’s important that you get rid of it right away.  Some malware and adware is harmless but annoying, but some can definitely endanger your privacy and online safety.  For example, some malware will sniff passwords or detect other things such as account numbers.  The best way to get rid of these software programs is to just drop some money on a good malware removal software program.  Generally these are separate from antivirus software tools.  One great tool that I’ve personally used is Spyhunter 4, which you can read about here.  It’s a very safe and effective tool that I used to get a very annoying adware/malware program off of my computer after it took over my entire browser.

Clean Things Up

Another thing you can do is to clean out your PC of all the junk files and folders that tend to build up over time.  A free program called CCleaner will do the trick for the most part.  This is a great tool that’s quite effective in clearing out the junk files such as duplicate files and other recycling bin stuff that you’ve probably forgotten about.  It will also clean the registry and defrag your hard disk, which is quite helpful.

Back Up Your Files

Also, this won’t speed up your computer but we highly recommend it: you should always always always back up your PC.  Even if you just back up the files and not the entire operating system, you’ll thank me later.  One of the best ways I’ve been able to do this is to sign up for an online cloud backup service.  It’s SO EASY and you don’t have to think twice about it after you set it up.  I strongly recommend either Backblaze or MyPCBackup.  These are very effective programs and have made my life much easier.



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Security For Your Business

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hacker chest

hacker chest

Tech security is becoming a very important issue these days, and many corporations are behind the 8-ball.  Hacking stories were some of the most widely reported in the past couple years, culminating with such high-profile breaches as the Target credit card disaster and the Anthem public records debacle.  Is your company up to snuff?  Can it take the heat when it comes to hackers?  Are you covering all of your bases?

Hire A Full Time Security Position

This day in age you can never be too careful, and that’s why I recommend companies of a certain size should definitely hire a security professional to work full time.  If you can afford the position, hiring an security IT professional will go a very, very long way.  This is probably only viable for larger companies, however.

Ensure That All Computers Are Secure

Ensure that all computers have antivirus software on them, and that they are running the lastest versions.  This is the first line of defense in terms of preventing viruses, trojans, and other bad things.  Even if you’re ultra careful, sometimes viruses can leap onto computers from websites – simply from visiting them.  It’s quite ridiculous.

Also of importance is anti-malware software.  These programs can help prevent and remove spyware.  Spyware can sometimes sneak past antivirus software as it is masquerading as legitimate software.  Programs like Spyhunter 4 are a great option.

Train Employees

If you can train your employees to avoid certain pitfalls and problems, then that’s one of the other first lines of defense.  It’s a very easy thing to do, and although many people know the basics, you have to beef things up a bit when it comes to company security.  Tell them not to open attachments, not to download random software programs, and for goodness sakes don’t frequent internet “bad neighborhoods” like adult sites, hacking sites, and gambling sites.

These are all very simple things, but employees can be a mixed bag.

Back Up Data

Backing up your data on a regular basis is an incredibly important part of business security.  I strongly recommend that you ensure that a daily backup system is in place.  In the event of a virus or other problem you can simply revert back to an earlier instance of an operating system or data-set.

If you’re not doing data backups then you are greatly missing a big part of business security.



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