Security For Your Business

hacker chest

Tech security is becoming a very important issue these days, and many corporations are behind the 8-ball.  Hacking stories were some of the most widely reported in the past couple years, culminating with such high-profile breaches as the Target credit card disaster and the Anthem public records debacle.  Is your company up to snuff?  Can it take the heat when it comes to hackers?  Are you covering all of your bases?

Hire A Full Time Security Position

This day in age you can never be too careful, and that’s why I recommend companies of a certain size should definitely hire a security professional to work full time.  If you can afford the position, hiring an security IT professional will go a very, very long way.  This is probably only viable for larger companies, however.

Ensure That All Computers Are Secure

Ensure that all computers have antivirus software on them, and that they are running the lastest versions.  This is the first line of defense in terms of preventing viruses, trojans, and other bad things.  Even if you’re ultra careful, sometimes viruses can leap onto computers from websites – simply from visiting them.  It’s quite ridiculous.

Also of importance is anti-malware software.  These programs can help prevent and remove spyware.  Spyware can sometimes sneak past antivirus software as it is masquerading as legitimate software.  Programs like Spyhunter 4 are a great option.

Train Employees

If you can train your employees to avoid certain pitfalls and problems, then that’s one of the other first lines of defense.  It’s a very easy thing to do, and although many people know the basics, you have to beef things up a bit when it comes to company security.  Tell them not to open attachments, not to download random software programs, and for goodness sakes don’t frequent internet “bad neighborhoods” like adult sites, hacking sites, and gambling sites.

These are all very simple things, but employees can be a mixed bag.

Back Up Data

Backing up your data on a regular basis is an incredibly important part of business security.  I strongly recommend that you ensure that a daily backup system is in place.  In the event of a virus or other problem you can simply revert back to an earlier instance of an operating system or data-set.

If you’re not doing data backups then you are greatly missing a big part of business security.